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As an organization dedicated to integrating Christian values and thoughts into our community, Destination Discovery Ministries carries out its purpose in many ways:

- By holding evangelistic outreaches in local churches and throughout the community

- By producing resources to equip leaders and empower believers

- By offering purposeful living seminars through the Institute for Purposeful Living

- By providing personal discovery counseling on a referral basis.

The Ministry is accomplishing its mission through a series of activities in the following areas:

Destination Discovery is committed to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all levels of society through evangelistic and apologetics outreaches. We are determined to bring the Word of God into a culture where Truth has been assaulted by secular humanism. In John 8:31-32, Jesus said: “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Preaching the truth of the Word of God everywhere will bring many into freedom in Christ and the fulfillment of their God-given potential.

Destination Discovery is committed to teaching the main tenets of the Christian faith with a major emphasis on the subjects of Faith, Divine Healing, the moving of the Holy Spirit and the pursuit of purpose. We believe that teaching is necessary so that people can be well grounded in their faith and therefore in a better position to enjoy their journey.

The Institute for Purpose Living is a seminar conducted by Destination Discovery in churches and throughout the community to help people discover and fulfill their God-given potential.

Prayer is at the core of Destination Discovery Ministries. In addition to conducting seminars on prayer, Destination Discovery Ministries engages in strategic intercession in partnership with other prayer ministries and intercessors at the local, national and international levels. Solange currently leads bi-monthly intercessory prayer at Toronto City Hall as part of Mission GTA. Further details on upcoming City Hall Prayer meetings can be found at http://sites.advancedministry.com/missiongta

Destination Discovery is committed to providing individual counseling to help people overcome life’s challenges and find their place in the Body of Christ and in the community.

Destination Discovery is committed to ensuring that it provides community support services to members of the community it serves. This includes a broad range of services such as advocacy, counselling, employment support and crisis support services.

Destination Discovery is producing Christian material and conducting research on several topics at the interface of faith and culture.